Writing a Healthy Eating E-Book

You can take your healthy eating activism to the next level by writing an e-book on the subject. This may be a book where you try to teach people about the benefits of healthy eating. Or it may be a book where you try to teach people about specific healthy eating strategies they can use. At yet another level, it may be a book where you try to teach people about unhealthy eating habits they need to avoid… Whatever the case, in writing a healthy eating e-book, you need to:

  1. Make a decision on the specific topics you will cover in the healthy eating e-book
  2. Create the actual content for the healthy eating e-book
  3. Proof-read and edit the healthy eating e-book
  4. Publish the healthy eating e-book
  5. Promote the healthy-eating e-book to make it popular

You can then opt to sell the e-book directly: where people would have to pay you something, before being allowed to access the book. Alternatively, you can give out the e-book for free, and then make money through advertising.

The biggest challenge you are likely to encounter here is that of promoting the e-book, and getting many people to read it. You have to understand that there are thousands of other e-books, specifically on the topic of healthy eating, circulating on the Internet. So the difficult bit here is making your e-book stand out. This, as you will come to realize, is not as easy as taking advantage of Capital One’s getmyoffer deal. In the latter case, that is, while trying to respond to capital one offer, you just go to a certain website, enter a reservation code, and get your credit card. But promoting an e-book is a different type of challenge. You may have to approach individuals, and try to sell the e-book to them directly — and that can be a painstaking affair. And you have to show people why they should pay for your e-book, while there are other e-books out there offering the same information free of charge.

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