Why Wealthy People Indulge in Poor Eating Habits

It is hard to figure out why people who are reasonably wealthy indulge in poor eating habits. These, after all, are individuals who can afford healthy, decent meals. Why then, should they choose to eat junk food. I mean, it is understandable when poor individuals eat junk food: for that is often all they can afford, given their modest financial means. But why should a reasonably wealthy person be eating junk, when he can afford to buy the freshest, most organic, most nutritious food?

Well, there are several reasons as to why wealthy people find themselves indulging in poor eating habits. Key among those are:

  1. Poor self esteem: so there are some wealthy individuals who, unfortunately, suffer from poor self-esteem. These are individuals who just feel bad about themselves, and they therefore eat junk food as a way to uplift their moods. Take, for instance, a fellow who works as a middle level manager at CVS Health. That, surely, is reasonably/relatively well-to-do individual (going by the paychecks he gets at mycvshr portal). Yet if he happens to suffer from low self-esteem, it would mean that most of the time he would be feeling like junk. And that would then push him into eating junk food – in an (ironic) attempt to feel better about himself.
  2. Ignorance: there are some wealthy individuals who lack knowledge on what amounts to ‘healthy eating’. So they eat junk stuff because they either don’t really know the negative effects of eating such stuff or because they don’t know what would be better food for them to eat.
  3. Lack of time: buying and preparing healthy food requires quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, many wealthy individuals are too time-conscious. They simply can’t find the time to go shopping for (and then preparing) organic foods. They’d rather grab some hotdogs, French fries or burgers on their way home. They may very well be aware of the benefits of healthy eating, but they simply can’t find the time for it. This then pushes them into poor eating habits.

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