Using YouTube to Promote Healthy Eating Habits

YouTube is one of the powerful tools that can be used to promote healthy eating habits. YouTube’s power lies mainly in the fact that it is an audiovisual medium. You therefore can use it to reach even folks who lack the ability to read — or folks who are simply disinclined to read. And there are many such folks. Experience shows that if you attempt to promote healthy eating habits using newspaper, magazine or web-based articles, you can only reach a small audience. But if you use an audiovisual medium like YouTube (where one just has to sit back, and watch videos about healthy eating), you are likely to reach exponentially more people. You are also likely to reach your audience in a better way: for most people tend to absorb information better when it is presented to them in audiovisual format.

Now if you wish to use YouTube to promote healthy eating habits, you need to:

  1. Create nice videos about healthy eating: these could be videos where you tell people about the benefits of healthy eating. They could also be videos where you tell people how exactly to go about healthy eating – what they need to eat, and what they need to avoid. Further, you could have videos where you give people healthy eating recipes, with instructions on how to prepare the various wholesome dishes. By the way, creating the videos doesn’t have to be a costly undertaking. All you really need is a decent camera with video recording capabilities. Such a camera need not be an expensive one. You can get a decent camera for as little as $50! That is money you can raise from your own savings. Even if you are a student, surviving on allowances, you should be able to raise $50 in a matter of weeks. $50 is really the kind of money you can even get in a gift card. Like if someone gives you a Visa gift card, and you visit the mygiftcardsitebalancecheck portal, only to realize that it has $50 balance. That kind of balance, as confirmed at the cards’ online portal (at should be more than enough to finance the purchase of a decent camera, with which you can take videos on health eating-related subjects.
  2. Set up a YouTube channel: the objective here would be to organize your health-eating videos into a channel, for easier promotion.
  3. Promote your healthy eating YouTube channel: the goal here would be to get as many people as possible to subscribe to your YouTube channel. If you can get a huge number of subscribers, it would be easier for you to monetize the channel.
  4. Update your content regularly: in doing this, you would be seeking to ensure that your YouTube channel always has fresh content. This is what would keep visitors coming back again and again.

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