Promoting Healthy Eating Habits in Poor Communities

Promoting healthy eating habits in poor communities can be hard work. Members of poor communities tend to struggle a great deal, to afford even the most basic meals. In trying to promote healthy eating habits in such communities, you’d essentially be telling them to start being selective about what they eat. That, unfortunately, is not a luxury most people in these poor communities can afford. Furthermore, with just a few exceptions, educational levels in these poor communities tend to be rather low. And thanks to the low educational levels, the members of the poor communities are unable to see the link between what they eat and the state of their health. This means that promoting healthy eating habits in these sorts of communities is likely to be an uphill task. Yet it has to be done.

Notwithstanding the challenges you are unlikely to encounter, in promoting healthy eating habits in poor communities, you need to:

  1. Get the people see the connection between what they eat and the state of their health
  2. Get the people to understand that there are affordable yet healthier alternatives to what they eat
  3. Get the people to understand that what matters is not the tastiness of food, but rather its nutritional value
  4. Get the poor to understand that they may not even have to change what they eat. Instead they can focus on changing how much they eat and how frequently they eat for healthier outcomes.

Whatever you do, you need to be sensitive to the people’s plight. You need to understand that these are people who struggle a great deal, just to put something on their tables. This is where you may find someone going to the extent of participating in the Dollar General customer survey, just to get the dgcustomerfirst $100 gift card. Whatever advice you give them, you need to keep this at the back of their mind. You therefore need to focus on getting the people to embrace healthier eating habits without raising their expenditure on food. It can be done. In fact, adoption of some healthy eating habits can lead to reduction in food budgets for poor households.

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