Why Do People Opt to Eat Unhealthy Food?

Most of us are aware of the connection between the food we eat and our health. Most of us know that some of the foods we eat are unhealthy. Yet we go ahead and eat them. It seems to be irrational: a scenario where one opts to eat something, knowing very well that it has potential to make him sick. Therefore the question comes up, as to why people opt to eat unhealthy foods. That is the question I will be addressing in today’s article.

It emerges that there are people who opt to eat unhealthy food simply because they can’t afford healthy food. This is an important factor. In some cases, the cost difference between healthy food and unhealthy food is too big to be ignored. Yet you realize that most people’s finances are very delicate. You may be looking at a fellow who is financing the purchase of the food using his Merrick Bank credit card. Obviously, such a fellow – who is essentially eating on credit – can’t afford to go for the costlier versions of healthy, organic foods. So he ends up having to settle for the affordable, processed (but unfortunately unhealthy) food.

Then there are those who opt to eat unhealthy food because they don’t have time to shop for and prepare healthy food. So they opt for the ready-to-eat dishes: which, unfortunately, tend to be full of artificial colors, preservatives and all sorts of other potentially harmful ingredients.

At yet another level, we have those who opt to eat unhealthy food because such unhealthy food often tastes better than the healthy food. We all know how healthy food often turns out to be bland in taste, whereas the unhealthy food is often tantalizing. Consider boiled food versus fried food, and you understand what we are talking about here. Given that scheme of things, there are folks who give in to the temptation. They therefore opt to ignore the healthy eating or healthy living considerations — and go for the tastier food: however unhealthy it may be.

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