How to Engage in Healthy Eating Activism

One of the ways in which you can try to get more people to adopt better eating habits is by becoming a healthy eating activist. Your objective, as a healthy eating activist, would be to get as many people as possible to understand how they are messing themselves up through poor eating habits. On the positive side, you would be aiming to get as many people as possible to see how they can improve their lives, by adopting healthy eating habits. If only one person absorbs your message, and adopts healthy eating habits (leading to a healthier and more productive life) that would qualify to be defined as success in your activism.
The specific ways in which you can engage in healthy eating activism would include:
1. By setting up a healthy eating support group
2. By setting up a Facebook page (or Twitter account) through which you’d be urging people to adopt healthy eating habits
3. By trying to get media interviews, through which you’d urge people to adopt healthy eating habits
4. By setting up a healthy eating recipes website
5. By advocating for kids to be taught healthy eating habits in school
6. By advocating for food processing companies to use healthy ingredients/additives
7. By sharing your own story on how you ditched unhealthy eating habits in favor of healthy ones
Healthy eating activism is likely to cost you quite a bit of time and money. Chances are that you’d have to do it on a part-time basis. Thus, for instance, if you work for a company like Delta Air Lines, you’d have to be visiting the deltanet portal, checking when you are scheduled to be off-duty, and then using such off-duty hours in your advocacy work.
You need to manage your expectations, while engaging in healthy eating activism. Don’t expect all people to embrace healthy eating habits just because you have urged them to do so in the course of your activism. In all probability, just a few people will heed your message. But just seeing those few people’s lives being improved due to the health eating habits you advocated for should be rewarding enough.

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