Are Genetically Modified Foods Healthy?

One of the questions that are attracting robust debate in the food industry is the one as to whether genetically modified foods are healthy. On the one hand, we have biotechnology experts who tell us that genetically modified foods are 100% healthy, and that we should embrace them fully. On the other hand, we have other individuals (some with solid scientific credentials) who tell us that genetically modified foods are not entirely healthy. So we are left at loss on whom to believe.

There are some parts of the world where governments have already allowed genetically modified foods to be grown and distributed. In such places, the ordinary people really have no choice on whether or not to eat the genetically modified foods. They are more concerned with day to day existential challenges. Like if for instance someone works in, say, the Mypepsico customer service department, his main concern will be on getting to work on time, doing his work well, and getting a paycheck at the end of the month. So, as he goes to the Mypepsico login portal at the end of the month, his main concern will be on how to budget for his paycheck. Not on whether to eat genetically modified foods or not.

The debate on whether or not genetically modified foods are healthy has gained momentum with the recent ruling of $289 million against Monsanto. The case was brought by a man who believed that exposure to a compound known as ‘Roundup’, which is commonly used when creating genetically modified foods, had caused him cancer. For many years, opponents of genetically modified foods have expressed doubts about Roundup, and they seem to have been (finally) vindicated.

Increasingly, therefore, people are opting to avoid genetically modified foods whenever they can. But those who are in situations where they can’t avoid genetically modified foods have resigned themselves to fate. And with the genetically modified foods becoming ever more ubiquitous, many of us may find ourselves in this situation – where we just resign ourselves to fate, and hope that the authorities will do the right thing on our behalf.

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