3 Mistakes to Avoid in the Course of Your Healthy Eating Programs

There are certain mistakes that you need to avoid, in the course of your healthy eating programs. If you don’t avoid these 3 mistakes, it is easy to mess up with your healthy eating programs. That is where, for instance, you would still find yourself having poor health, in spite of you eating the right foods. Healthy eating means more than just avoiding the unhealthy foods.

The 3 mistakes you need to avoid in the course of your healthy eating programs include:

  1. Eating too big portions: the foods you are eating may be healthy, but if you eat too big portions of them, you are bound to have problems. So the most important thing here is to ensure that the portions of the healthy foods you eat are of just the right size: not too big, nor too small. Definitely not too big. If you eat portions that are too big, you may start gaining weight, and the cells in your body may age too fast… among other ill effects. So what you need to pay attention to here is appetite control.
  2. Eating too frequently: the foods you are eating may be healthy, but if you eat them too frequently, the net effect will just be as bad as if you had eaten too big portions at once. If you feel the urge to eat too frequently, the underlying problem may be psychological. This is like where, for instance, you find yourself being tempted to eat in order to numb negative emotions. You may, for instance, have attempted to go through the UPSers sign up process, only to keep on failing at every attempt. Having thus failed to register for an account on the Upsers website, you may be tempted to numb the negative feelings by eating every few minutes… So the most important thing is to try to understand what it is that is making you want to eat too frequently — and then deal with it.
  3. Eating at the wrong hours: this is like where you eat just before going to bed. This can have a very negative effect on your health in the long-run — notwithstanding the fact that you’d be eating ‘healthy foods’ all along. ‘When you eat’ is just as important as ‘what you eat’.

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